BEDW from the farmgate

Bedw from the Farmgate is a family farm producing eggs, beef , lamb pork , blankets , rugs , hides  and breeding stock from our rare breed pedigree flocks and herds in Llangrannog and Brongest West Wales.
We farm in a traditional non intensive way where the highest standards of animal welfare produce the best quality food and produce. Our Pedigree Welsh Black cattle are a small, native, hardy and quiet breed that thrive in the wet and often windy weather. They mature on grass over 30 months which develops their healthy and intense flavour. The extreme weather also produces a thick leather hide which we have made into hair on hide rugs and cushions.
Our Hampshire Down Sheep also thrive really well on our lowland pasture producing succulent and tasty early Spring Lamb, hogget and mutton. They also give soft cream wool with a natural dark fleck which is perfect for sheepskins, blankets and cushions.